"007 No time to die" hoãn ra mắt vì Corona


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James Bond Flick No Time to Die Delayed Over Coronavirus

Earlier this week an open letter from fans asked studios to postpone the movie's release. Now it won’t hit theaters until November.

Coronavirus Is Hitting Hollywood Hard
Earlier this week we reported that James Bond fans had posted an open letter to the companies behind No Time to Die asking them to push back the release date for the film because of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Yesterday, they did. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the release date for the 25th Bond film, originally scheduled for April 10, will now be November 25 in the US. That makes No Time to Die the first major movie tentpole to change its release plans because of the new coronavirus, but chances are it won’t be the last. Globally, the film industry is looking to lose $5 billion due to closed theaters in places like China, where the virus has taken a massive toll. If delays like this continue, the box office will no doubt continue to suffer.

Chúng ta phải chờ thêm 7 tháng để ngắm cặp ngực của Ana De Armas.

007 No time to die hoãn 7 ra mắt tháng, tháng tư dời sang tháng 11/2020.

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