10 gương mặt đẹp nhất hành tinh 2020


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E số 1 nhìn thôi đã muốn quỳ xuống làm nô tài cho e ấy rồi :too_sad::too_sad: đm thằng nào số hưởng đc phang e ý :too_sad:

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Nancy best nhé, đm thằng nào chê , t nhìn con gái bêu bếu tý mà nóng rực người lên rồi :D


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Cho em cuối cùng vô cái bảng này thì em đầu tiên mất mẹ nó sức nặng.

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Đuông cy mặt chính ra không xinh.
Các thím đòi húp em nó vì cái dáng đuông dừa múp máp chứ mặt Đuông cy cx bt. Mà đây là cuộc thi mặt chứ không phải cuộc thi ngon


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Im Jin-Ah aka Nana Plastic Surgery Transformation​

We move on to fellow group mate Im Jin-Ah, better known as Nana to fans.

Before her debut as a member of Orange Caramel, Nana was a participant in the 2009 Asia Pacific Super Model Contest.

Nana is a licensed makeup artist and also has a membership at the Makeup Artists Association.

With such extensive beauty knowledge, we’re sure Nana is always red carpet ready.

But there was a time during her pre debut days when this was not always the case, and instead of makeup, Nana might have turned to Orange Caramel plastic surgery instead.

The Orange Caramel plastic surgery done on Nana is glaringly obvious if you observe the before and after picture above.

In her high school photos, Nana displays the typical Korean eyes, small, narrow, single eyelids.

Fast forward to her Orange Caramel days and she’s suddenly got bigger, wider more shapely eyes.

We can attribute this transformation to blepharoplasty and epicanthoplasty, surgeries which have changed the way many a K-pop star’s eyes look like.

Of course, just like Raina, Nana also followed suit in the nose job department.

Makeup skills or not, that beautiful nose tip in the after picture does not happen with a few brushes of highlighter.

That only happens when a skilled surgeon places a silicon implant to raise the tip and shave down the alars.

Nana’s plastic surgeon did a good job because her increase nose bridge gives her a much better profile view than before where it was short, flat and just not nice to look at in general.

Unlike Raina, Nana didn’t stop at the K-pop combo pack.

Oh no.

She went a step further in the Orange Caramel plastic surgery and had her jaw done as well.

Nana had a prominent mandibular angle aka short square jaw typical of most Koreans.

This makes the person look rough and ugly from both profile and front view.

We think Nana has had 3D square jaw reduction which gives you a V line up to the chin.

This surgery, popularly known in Korea as V line surgery shaves off much of the mandibular jaw bone to reduce the “squareness” of the jawline, thus making the face narrow from the front and side view.

As we can see, Nana’s angular jawline has been reduced and there appears to be a seamless line that connects her jaw to the rest of her face.

Em Nana phẫu thuật chắc hết cả mặt mà cũng đưa vào?
Làm từ mắt, mũi đến gọt cằm, gọt mặt :nosebleed: .