[GOSSIP] Stalking on social networks


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In modern life, using social networks is kind of common for the youngers. Facebook, Instagram,... help us to connect with other peoples effortlessly. It also becomes a second life of the user. However, it raises a concern about the ticklish harassment issue.
You may be confused sometimes when a stranger is stalking you on Facebook by liking pics which you posted it ages ago. You might wonder why she (or he) can reach those posts in a general way like in her newsfeed. It is a little scared and awkward, right?
But that bad feeling only appears with strange people, someone who isn't close enough to you or someone you don't like them. However, it's really funny with your buddy when you creep on them by commenting on their ugly and strained pics. It's also a brilliant way to send happy birthday wishes in their pics from the old days.

Do you have any things to say about this topic? Tell me something hilarious :LOL:)

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