thảo luận How much is the Ford Territory 2022 in the Philippines?


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The small SUV segment is increasingly showing its dominance in the Philippines market in recent years. Therefore, the Ford Territory 2022 model launched with many outstanding features has been well received.

Color options on Ford Territory 2022: Ford Territory has a lot of exterior colors for customers to choose from, such as: White, Blue, Red, Black, Silver, Brown.

Ford Territory has a rather superficial appearance with dimensions of 4580 x 1936 x 1674 (mm), wheelbase 2716 (mm). Combined with that are the bold design lines of the American car company that bring great appeal to customers. The grille system is designed in a hexagonal shape with a mesh shape to help the car become more dynamic and youthful. The two sides are LED headlights that are designed in a compact, square way with eye-catching rectangular boxes inside. Combined with that is the LED positioning strip below, the silver-plated front bumper creates a personality for this model. The body design on the Ford Territory version 2022 seems quite sturdy and strong.

Ford Territory 2022 is considered to have quite a spacious and comfortable interior space for customers. Combined with the harmonious black and beige color scheme, it brings elegance to the car’s interior space. The taplo surface is designed in a flat form with a large touch screen placed in the middle. Behind the steering wheel is a sharp digital clock with full parameters of the vehicle’s operation, which has received high praise from customers.

In the world, this model is being sold at the following prices: Argentina ($ 41,600), Brazil ($ 30, 825). In the Philippines, the price of Ford Territory 2022 ranges from 1,277,000 Peso to 1,310,000 Peso.
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