thảo luận Kèo mua IDO refund và bảo hiểm từ 1 Dự án có backer là KardiaChain Foundation và ONUS,...


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Dự án game nông trai AMETA đã có sản phẩm , hiên tai đang mình có 20 slot mua IDO của Dự án TGE 100% và đươc triết khấu 15% cho người mua , ticket max 2000 USDT và quan trong là sẽ mua lại token sau 1 tuần với giá IDO nếu giá token giảm 30% so với giá IDO, bảo hiểm là đây

Anh em nào quan tâm nhắn tin mình qua telegram @qkus1801 hoăc zalo 0937819834

điểm nổi bât của dư án là

- No Private Sale, TGE 100%.

- Multi Chain: Kardia Chain, BSC, OKC,...

- Free to Play, traditional players can get in play and earn.

- Earn Token, Staking Token, Recieve NFT.

- Game will release to play at 23 Sep for traditional players to play and experience.

- If you buy NFT now, you can use it to hire or sell it to the traditional player or crypto.

- Raise 600K. Add LP to 350K

- 20% Profit share to the Investor.

- Lead investor is Layer 1 chain famous in Viet Nam, strategic partner with BNB, Listing on number 1 CEX: ONUS

Demo: Link

More Info: Website | Whitepaper | Pitchdeck

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👩‍🌾 AMETA - A Gateway to Farming Metaverse

💥 Ameta is a free-to-play farming game that combines the gamefi and socialfi. Players will be able to participate in exciting activities such as farming, fishing, building a new farm to grow crops, buying or renting rods for fishing, and socializing in a wide range of activities such as dating, trading, PvP gaming modes.

💥 With Ameta, mankind in general and gamer community as an individual has the opportunity to strengthen human ponding by the power of solidarity throughout the whole gaming experience. Despite blockchain technology barriers, Ameta is a bridge aimed to bring benefits to traditional gamers with simple yet practical tools.

👉 AMETA highlights:

Backers: KardiaChain Foundation, Embraced, ONUS, Telesign, Amazon web service, OKC, Gagarin,...

IDO: BinStarter, KaiDEX, Gagarin, ONUS, Pinksale, Marspad/erax, Matic Launchpad, Luxpad

🏘 SocialFi - a place to play, chat and update information from friends.

🔹 Free2play: Game for everyone with all ages, for crypto and also non- crypto

🌝 Customization: Placing players into a character with all micro emotions, fashion, gadgets, or decorations in order to approach the Metaverse in a unique way.

🏦 Creative business mode: sell items, renting, lending, saving... players can earn money in many different ways.

👨‍🌾 Diversity of Activities: Experiencing realistic cultivating activities (farming, fishing, trading) and entertaining activities (clubbing, dancing, mini-games).

💫 Easy to Approach: Playing instantly without any difficulties about lacking blockchain technology knowledge.

🌐 Endless Scalability: Taking advantage of social elements with the expanding capacity of blockchain.

🌼 Ameta is developed by Alphaway Technology and Leanminds Game Studio, MangoWP which have reputations in the entertainment and game-producing industry with a wide variety of games rated up to 5 stars on App Store.

Demo: Link

More Info: Website | Whitepaper | Pitchdeck