thảo luận Lộ tin NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti 12 GB và RTX 3070 Ti 8 GB trình làng vào tháng 4 và tháng 5


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Rò rỉ thông số NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti và RTX 3070 Ti, ra mắt lần lượt vào tháng 4 và tháng 5 với giá 999 USD và 599 USD.

Theo thông tin mới được rò rỉ trên trang Videocardz thì 2 chiếc card gaming cao cấp NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti và GeForce RTX 3070 Ti đều sắp được tung ra lần lượt vào tháng 4 và tháng 5.

Được biết, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12 GB sẽ có GPU GA102-225 chứa 10240 nhân CUDA (tổng cộng có đến 80 SM). Về phần VRAM thì nó sẽ có tốc độ 19 Gbps, tương đương RTX 3080. Vì dung lượng VRAM là 12 GB nên RTX 3080 Ti sẽ có bus 384-bit với băng thông tổng cộng là 912 GB/s. TGP của chiếc card này sẽ giống với RTX 3080 là 320 W.

Về con RTX 3070 Ti thì GPU GA104-400-A1 được cho là sẽ có 6144 nhân CUDA (tổng cộng có đến 48 SM), nhiều hơn RTX 3070 4% và ít hơn RTX 3080 khoảng 30%. RTX 3070 Ti được trang bị VRAM 8 GB GDDR6X, trong khi VRAM của RTX 3070 chỉ là GDDR6 là thôi. TGP của chiếc này sẽ rơi vào tầm 250-275 W, khá sát với RTX 3080. Còn bus thì vẫn là 256-bit (băng thông 19 Gbps) như RTX 3080 và RTX 3080 Ti.

NVIDIA cũng đã có lưu ý rằng những chiếc card ra mắt sau này sẽ được tích hợp tính năng tự giảm hiệu năng đào coin, nhưng bây giờ thì nông dân cũng đã tìm được vài cách “vượt rào” rồi nên điều này cũng không còn quan trọng cho lắm.

Dự kiến RTX 3080 Ti sẽ ra mắt khoảng giữa tháng 4 với giá bán lẻ đề nghị là 999 USD, còn RTX 3070 Ti thì lên kệ vào cuối tháng 5 với giá là 599 USD.

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti could feature 8GB and 16GB GDDR6X variants​

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti with 19Gbps GDDR6X memory​

Uniko’s Hardware confirms the specs of GeForce RTX 3070 Ti.


We exclusively revealed that the upcoming GeForce RTX 3070 Ti is to feature a graphics processor codenamed GA104-400. NVIDIA has not provided details on this graphics card to its partners yet but they have confirmed it is now scheduled to launch in May. The GA104-400 indicates that the graphics processor will feature full specs. The desktop series currently do not offer the full GA104 GPU option but NVIDIA did launch such a GPU under its mobile series as GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop GPU.

The GeForce RTX 3070 Ti is not expected to replace RTX 3070 non-Ti. Instead, NVIDIA intends to offer both SKUs simultaneously. Although board partners believe though that NVIDIA will focus on the Ti variant moving forward. This SKU would simply be more competitive against AMD Radeon’s offering. More importantly, though, it would also introduce a crypto mining hashrate limiter, reducing interest from miners (that is until NVIDIA themselves ‘accidentally’ remove the limiter).

According to the latest rumor, RTX 3070 Ti would feature Micron GDDR6X (MT61K256M32E-19G) memory clocked at 19 Gbps. Uniko’s Hardware believes that the card would also be offered in 8GB and 16GB variants. So far we have not heard about such plans, but technically it would be possible if NVIDIA were to offer dual-sided memory support on this SKU.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti is now expected to launch in May alongside RTX 3080 Ti. The global shortage of components is pushing all launches back, so we cannot be absolutely sure that this date will not change either.

Micron (MT61K256M32E) GDDR6X memory specifications, Source: Micron

VideoCardzRTX 3090RTX 3080 TiRTX 3080RTX 3070 TiRTX 3070
RUMORED NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Specifications
[ to be leaked ]
[ to be leaked ]
GPU Clusters

























Base Clock

1395 MHz

1440 MHz

1500 MHz
Boost Clock

1695 MHz

1710 MHz

1725 MHz

24 GB G6X

12 GB G6X

10 GB G6X

8 GB G6X

8 GB G6





Memory Clock

19.5 Gbps

~19 Gbps

19 Gbps

~19 Gbps

14 Gbps

936 GB/s

~912 GB/s

760 GB/s

~608 GB/s

448 GB/s






Release DateSep 24th, 2020May 2021Sep 17th, 2020May 2021Oct 29th, 2020
Source: Uniko’s Hardware


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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 with 16GB memory tested

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 with 16GB​

Pro Hi-Tech, a Russian YouTube channel, has recently tested a very unique graphics card. This graphics card had already appeared on our website.

Earlier this month we reported on a custom GeForce RTX 3070 with 16GB memory. A Palit GamingPro model has been modified by VIK-ON to support higher capacity memory modules, which replaced the original 8GB configuration. The process of replacing the modules is complicated and probably impossible without proper equipment and experience, as the modification also requires knowledge of how to trick the graphics cards into supporting more memory capacity. Pro HI-Tech borrowed the card from VIK-ON to do more extensive testing.

Palit RTX3070 Gaming Pro OC with 16GB, Source: Pro Hi-Tech & VIK-ON

A 16GB memory buffer on RTX 3070 could provide more space for high-resolution textures as well as boost ray tracing performance which stores some data in the buffer, the reviewer thinks. Some of the tests do show the advantage of higher capacity ram. In games such as Watch Dogs Legion, the 8GB model can often see random freezes due to limited buffer at ultra settings with ray tracing set to high. The freezes can still be noticed with the 16GB model, but they are a lot less frequent. This is only seen in actual gameplay, a built-in benchmark paints a different picture where the whole scene is already prebuffered and no random frame freezing is visible.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB vs 3070 16GB (mod) in Watch Dogs Legion, Source: Pro Hi-Tech

In other games, such as Cyberpunk 2077 the memory allocation and framerate are pretty much the same. The higher memory buffer does appear to boost 0.1% LOW FPS in select titles though. What seems apparent is that some games can clearly take advantage of 8GB+ memory capacity, but allocation and actual memory use are not always the same thing that immediately results in higher framerate.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB vs 3070 16GB (mod) in Cyberpunk 2077 & Far Cry 5, Source: Pro Hi-Tech

The RTX 3070 with 16GB has some benefits such as a smaller chance of frame freezing or the ability to use higher resolution textures, but performance-wise the difference is minimal. The GA104 might see bigger gains with the memory technology upgrade to the GDDR6X standard, which is exactly what NVIDIA is planning with RTX 3070 Ti. Higher bandwidth and two additional Streaming Multiprocessors could really make the Ti variant exactly what the modded 16GB card simply cannot be, a worthy upgrade over vanilla RTX 3070.