thảo luận Nhớ Rừng - Thế Lữ bản tiếng Anh

3 Con Mèo

In the iron cage my heart seething with anger,
I lie through long slow months,
Despising the gang of addle swaggerers
Who through tiny eyes dare to mock the jungle's majesty.
Now fallen and captive, I swallow my pride
To be a curiosity, a toy,
An equal to the despicable bears,
To the pair of clueless leopards next door.

I drag a life filled with longing and love
For good old days of mighty dominion,
In the jungle amidst huge old shade trees,
Mighty howling winds, and thundering falls,
Roaring my epic and powerful roar,
I strutted in commanding steps sure and proud,
My rhythmic wave-like body strong and stout,
Stalking silent 'mongst brambles and sharp grass.
In dark caves once I flashed my awesome eyes
All life lay quiet holding its hushed breath.
I basked in smugness, king of all creatures,
Roaming amidst the nameless plants and trees.

Now where are those moonlit nights by the stream
When hearty dinner done I savored the moonlight?
Where are those rainstorms that shook the jungle domain
When I quietly surveyed my revived kingdom?
Where are those daybreaks that bathed the lush trees
And birdsongs that riotously awakened me?
Where the blood-red rays that drowned the jungle
When I couldn't wait for the hot sun to die
So I could seize its secret for myself.
-- Oh, where have they all gone, those glory days?

I smother my deep perpetual anger
Hating the things that never ever change,
The spaces that were deceitfully built,
With tended blooms, mown grass, straight paths, grown trees,
A dark trickle that passed as forest streams
Lurking 'mongst phony low-lying hillocks
With docile foliage shorn of mystery,
Faking so miserably the wilderness
And its eternal life's solemnity.
O noble proud land of majesty
Where my valiant kind always holds firm sway,
The vast realm that I used to rule over,
Country that I will never see again!
Did you know in my days of dark despair
I still nurture lofty grandiose dreams
In my soul of being in your midst again,
O my dear old awesome jungle domain?

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