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Helena Coffee Vietnam is Vietnam's top supplier of distinguished, high-quality export green coffee. Over ten years of life and death in the industry, Helena Coffee Vietnam helps partners with the finest export, customs, and transportation processes, in addition to offering quality goods at competitive costs. Guaranteed items in adequate amount while returning to the host nation from the stay on board.

1. Production facilities and equipment for exporting green coffee from Vietnam.
Our business is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and instruments for processing green coffee for export.
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- Green coffee peeling machine: used to peel and remove the exterior flesh of green coffee bean. The machine's peeling capacity is between 6 and 8 tons per hour.

  • Green coffee weight classifier: this tool is used to categorize the weight of green coffee beans. Stable separation of flat seeds and contaminants. The machine is essential for high-quality export green coffee providers. The capacity is 5-7 tons of fresh coffee per hour.
  • Coffee bean size sorter: utilized to accurately distinguish SCR16 or SCR18. The coffee beans seem quite even and attractive after sorting.

- Color machine for coffee beans: This equipment is used to shoot damaged and broken beans. Sorting broken beans takes roughly 15 minutes for one ton of green coffee. The machine is quite stable. After photographing the color, the coffee beans stand out. This equipment is quite popular among coffee roasters since they recognize its importance.

2. Provide the export price of green coffee beans
With a large production capacity, Helena Coffee Vietnam is confident in offering the best pricing to partners. The price of green coffee is determined by the number of orders placed and the time it takes to complete the transaction. Please provide Helena Coffee Vietnam with information about your partners so that we can provide you with the best pricing.

3. Capacity to provide high-quality export green coffee beans
Helena Coffee Vietnam promises to deliver the items on the schedule, as stipulated in the two parties' contracts. It is not appropriate to discuss manufacturing capacity on social media. You may be certain that we have the necessary expertise to manufacture, trade, and deliver items...

Helena Coffee Vietnam guarantees that our export green coffee goods are carefully chosen according to inherent capability and tight supervision. Every stage of the green coffee export manufacturing process is scrutinized to ensure that all tight criteria are met.
For example, a supplier that specialized in coffee things would sell everything and anything related to coffee. Alternatively, the likelihood of a supplier being a trading company is obvious if the provider provides a variety of products from diverse industries and these products are offered by the same supplier. As a result, you should consider interrogating them in person about their qualifications, or you may browse their catalog.

4. How long have they been in business, and where have they exported Vietnamese coffee bean?

When looking for coffee bean suppliers in Vietnam, you may quickly identify the main producers who normally produce coffee beans in various countries. These vendors are mostly found in Vietnam. The longer they've been in business, the more likely they're running a really profitable firm. This may give you an idea of the degree of quality of the things on sale. Before reaching an agreement with the suppliers, always request a pre-production sample to verify the overall manufacturing quality.

5. What is the company's minimum order quantity for coffee beans, and what is the lowest acceptable quality?

When acquiring coffee beans from a Vietnamese wholesaler Coffee, be certain that the firm will be able to continue supplying you with high-quality beans for a lengthy period of time in the future. Trying to assess whether they have the financial resources to acquire large quantities of stuff. When a provider offers a wider range of coffee materials, there is a better probability that the supplier will be able to sustain supply capacity. Furthermore, the quality of the coffee beans may offer clear insight into the type of service with whom you are working.

6. Do they obtain any quality certifications for the coffee beans they sell?

They are ensuring that the coffee beans have received the required certifications to ensure the quality of the coffee being produced. The following is a list of quality standards that coffee vendors in Vietnam that offer high-quality beans are expected to meet: ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP, and GMP certifications have all been obtained (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Furthermore, the highest quality coffee beans should obtain national and international certifications, such as 4C (Common Code for the Coffee Community), VietGAP (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices), UTZ (UTZ Certified), and RFA, in terms of coffee cultivation technology for sustainable development. These certificates assure that the coffee is grown in an ecologically friendly manner (Rainforest Alliance).
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For example, in the Middle Eastern market, consumers significantly prefer products that have received the HALAL certification, which validates that the goods in question were processed and manufactured in accordance with the principles of the Qur'an and the Shariah law that rules Muslims. When importing coffee from Vietnam to such regions, it is critical to remember to double-check that the coffee has the necessary credentials before shipping it there.

7. The logistics procedure is explained in detail.

It is critical to understand how they monitor their shipments and keep you updated on where your coffee beans are in the shipping process.

Follow up with questions about shipment dates, guarantees, or what happens if there are delays in shipping, lead time, payment method, and acceptable delivery circumstances. It would be wise to do so. The more options they supply, the more adaptive their distribution systems become. The way they manage logistics tells whether or not they run their business properly and can deliver items to clients like you on time.

8. What kind of coffee-related commodities may be produced in Vietnam?

Helena Coffee Vietnam offers the following products:

Green and roasted beans from Vietnam in their entirety On screen number 18, you'll find washed and unwashed Robusta and Arabica coffee from Vietnam.
  • On the screen, washed and unwashed Robusta and Arabica coffee.
    Vietnam's No. 16 On the screen, washed and unwashed Robusta and Arabica coffee.
  • Vietnam's No. 13+ Specialty coffee beans, green and roasted, originate in Vietnam Coffees are roasted in Vietnam under a private label.
  • Vietnamese instant coffee is available. Spray-dried instant coffee powder is available in Vietnam.
  • Vietnamese instant coffee powder is ground and freeze-dried.
  • Vietnamese conglomerate used in instant coffee manufacture Vietnamese three-in-one instant coffee mix
  • Weasel Vietnam is the originator of this three-in-one instant coffee mix. Vietnamese instant coffee mix is designed to help you lose weight. Vietnamese instant coffee is sold in a can or bottle.
  • A Private Label Instant Coffee Vietnam produced Vietnamese coffee that has been ground and is ready to drink.
  • Vietnamese drip coffee comes in a bag.
  • Vietnam's whole ground bean in its entirety.
  • Vietnamese ground coffee focuses on unique mixes Vietnam ground coffee specialized in private labeling.


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