King Size Platform Bed with Hydraulic Storage: Things to Know

A king size platform bed is one with an uncomplicated lowly raised bed frame. The height of a platform bed usually does not exceed eighteen inches. However, factors such as the height of the bed owner should come into consideration before coming to a conclusion on the height to choo
se. They also do not have a foundation or box spring, which is also why the height is so low compared to other types of beds. A standard king-sized bed measures seventy-six inches by eighty inches while a California king platform bed measures seventy-two by eighty-four inches.

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Why choose a king size platform bed with hydraulic storage?


• Plenty of space in the bedroom is conserved
–It is essential to have enough space around the bed area to facilitate ease of movement around the room.

• It is very easy to use since you only need to press a button to obtain or store something below the mattress's space.

• It is so much better than storing items beneath the bed. Your items will be free from dust and will also be easily accessible; you won't have to bend all the way down to get them.

• It provides concealed storage, especially for those who want to keep relevant documents or any other personal object secret.

• It gives a much-organized appearance as there will be no items under the bed that have been forgotten down there for a long time.

Disadvantages of getting a hydraulic king size platform bed

• It is hard to move
, considering that it is sizable, and its primary construction material is hardwood, making it cumbersome to carry from one room to another in the house.

• If not used correctly, the hydraulics may wear out and sooner or later stops working as it is supposed to.

• They are high priced as compared to regular beds.
Storage is a crucial component in any home no matter the size, and accomplishing storage is eased by the king-size hydraulic storage platform bed.

How the hydraulic system works.


The bed seems just like any platform bed; however, you will discern a wood platform or a slat support system streaming over the frame of the bed and underneath the mattress, affixed to the bed when you observe keenly. To operate a hydraulic bed;

Go to the footboard of the bed and reach beneath the mattress so you can clutch at the pill-handle of the platform.

Hoist the mattress base gently, and as you raise, the hydraulics will take over the process.

Apart from the manually operated hydraulic platform beds, you can also get the remote control hydraulic beds, making work even more comfortable. By just pushing a remote button, you can uplift the best king size platform bed, and you can now access the space beneath the mattress without straining.

Over the years there have been safety concerns regarding hydraulic beds, for this reason, it is essential to consider the following factors when purchasing such a bed;

Confirm if the induction and placing of the lifting mechanism are stable and in the correct sequence.

Pick versions with fitted equipped and self-locking gas springs or an extra safety support gadget attached to the lifting mechanism.

Attempt to lift the machine to make sure that it is working as required.

Materials used

There are various materials used to make hydraulic king platform beds:

1) Wood.

Wood tends to give a traditional luxurious and elegant look to a bedroom: made possible by choosing iconic and classic headboard pieces. Wood can resist damage and can take on the weight of the mattress. Wooden platform beds are versatile and can be stained, painted, or combined with metal to create a desired look or outcome.

2) Metal.

Metals used in furniture construction include aluminum, steel, brass, and copper. Metal creates open designs that help to come up with an illusion of space in small rooms. They also last for a very long time due to the durability nature of metals.

3) Upholstered beds.

Upholstered beds give an element of elegance and glamor to a room. These beds have coverings consisting of fabrics such as microfiber, linen or velvet. They may also be bejeweled and tufted to add posh details. Upholstered beds offer an intrinsic softness and allure for the bedroom.

Types of hydraulic platform beds


• Sleigh beds
- Their main features are stylish meandering lines and a typical lovish feel. Thus, it assists those that desire the bed to be the main center furniture piece in your bedroom.

• Four-poster beds - These types of platform beds bring out an image of some drama in the room even if a platform bed is much lower to the ground than other types of bed.

• Captain's or mate's bed - This is a well-liked option for kids or a teenager's room. The hydraulic system fits perfectly underneath the mattress, transforming the unoccupied space beneath the bed into suitable storage. As a result, they are somewhat higher above the ground than the typical platform beds.

• Canopy beds - These are similar to four-poster beds only that it has a covering incorporated to most four-poster beds where the bedposts are of the same height. The bed's curtains add a feel of allure and warmth, adding to the bed's occupants' intimacy while giving a luxurious and expensive vibe. For individuals with bedrooms with large windows, this is the bed to go for as light easily flows into the room.

All these types of Platform beds can be easily transformed into hydraulic king-size beds, especially if the bed is being built from scratch and not being bought when readily made from the furniture stores.


Nowadays, spacious living is one of the most desired things in society, and, unfortunately, most apartments built in this area do not offer as much space as required. Thus, it is one of the reasons why hydraulic platform beds are a common thing. They provide space for storage, are classy, and present an elegant type of look in the bedroom. You can never go wrong with a hydraulic king size platform bed. You may also want to read our the best buying guide about platform bed at